What to wear when you’re running late..

You forgot to pick out your clothes the night before, and your hair is not cooperating. You still have to pack a lunch and take the trash down, because it was too windy to put it out the night before. Hopefully you’ll have a second to make a coffee.

Sound familiar? This was my Monday morning. The last thing I wanted after all of this was not to feel good about my outfit all day.

Time saver: Leave a couple pairs of work shoes at your office. This is especially helpful if you live in colder temps or have a bit of a walk in. (I happen to have both!) Having a pair or two saves me the stress of remembering to pack them on my way into work, while I wear my cozy Uggs or Sperry boots.

I know better than to try styling a new top before work when I’m running late. But of course I did this morning. If you’re hesitating, don’t wear it! Grab your favorite work pants, hold up a blouse or sweater to coordinate, and call it a day! Bonus – cute earrings or a necklace if appropriate. Grab a scarf for a plain sweater. No need to over-style a busy sweater or a blouse that has detail around the neck.

I also love an easy work appropriate dress that you can throw on over leggings! I keep these booties at work – they go with dress pants, too. I grabbed this necklace to complete the outfit.

I love this Vince Camuto dress!

Phew. Let’s hope I remember to pick out some clothes next Sunday night. Mondays are HARD!

Hope you have an amazing week. ☺️



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