It’s Time..

After what feels like the longest winter ever, it’s time to bare those pasty, tan-less legs in hope of finding that perfect suit for 2019. You’ve got that trip planned right around the corner and need a swimsuit that will make you feel as good as you are excited to getaway and get some sunshine!

For years I shopped at the popular spots for swimsuits, trying on numerous styles to find the perfect one for my body type. Now that so much shopping is online, it can be intimidating to find the right one.

Aerie Website Screenshot

I was so thrilled to find Aerie. If you’re not familiar, Aerie is owned by American Eagle, and sells athletic, lounge, sleep, swim and more. I became a loyal fan after seeing the quality of their merchandise, as well as the models they use to promote their styles.

#AerieReal is their hashtag – the campaign is full of REAL looking women of all shapes and sizes. In a time when many models are airbrushed, it is so refreshing to shop at Aerie. Not only are the models all shapes and sizes, but they aren’t re-touched, airbrushed or edited. Want to know what that two-piece suit will really look like on you? You may actually see on Aerie’s Website.

Aerie Image

I’ve purchased swim, athletic, lounge and sleep from Aerie for years, and I can tell you that it is great quality, soft, and fun. I can imagine they do well with sales because consumers have less question about how something might fit.

Aerie Image

Isn’t she beautiful?! I am thankful I can see these positive images of women and not feel like I have to be a certain size or perfect to rock a swimsuit this spring and summer. Thank you, Aerie!

Do you shop at Aerie? What is your favorite purchase? Let me know in the comments!

Warm blessings!

(This post was not sponsored and opinions are all my own!)

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