Beach Vaca Checklist ✔️

Before a beach getaway, I’m usually so absorbed in the winter hibernation and forget what I need to pack! (What’s it like in the warm sun?! I forget!!) Are you like this, too? Let my lessons in packing help you! Here are my must-haves for packing for a no-stress getaway:

Sunscreen: this year I flew to my beach vaca and my luggage followed me by car. Since I arrived first, I had some time on the beach alone, but of course I didn’t have any spf with me.. it was in my suitcase. Oops.

A good book, devotional, and journal: I usually just want to sit and stare! Beaches are great for breathing, relaxing, people watching and doing nothing. But it’s great to have a good book, your daily devotions, and a journal in case you get inspired.

Beach bag or clutch: you probably don’t want to take your LV down in the sand, so make sure you have something to hold your spf chapstick, lotion, books, and ID for the tiki bar 😉

Water: especially if you’re drinking Mermaid Water or Rum Runners, make sure you’re drinking lots of h20! The sun can really take it out of you.. and alcohol will dehydrate you even more. Pump that water!

Two pairs of shades: I like wearing a cheap pair of shades to the beach in case they fall and get scratched, or covered with lotion. There’s also the chance they’ll fall off in the water 🤷🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏄🏽‍♀️

Aloe gel: juuuust in case you’re like me and your winter-pasty-skin isn’t used to the sun, bring that cooling aloe gel! My favorite is Ocean Potion Ice+. It’s got a soothing coolant that relieves the pain of the burn. Also helps moisturize to turn that burn into tan. 🙌🏼 You can find this on Amazon and select retailers.

Earplugs & Benedryl: the last thing you want is to be wide awake because your sunburn hurts, the room next door is loud, or you’re with a loud sleeper. Bring these babies as insurance for a good sleep so you can get up and enjoy your precious vaca time!

Room in your suitcase: I don’t ever intend to shop til I drop on vaca, but I always find a cute shop. Or two. 😄

⁃ Last but not least, leave your worry and perfectionism at home. This trip is your chance to leave everything: work, drama, politics, to-do lists, and whatever else is on your plate. Take moments to soak it in and thank the Lord for the chance to be away. Praise Him in this beautiful moment.

Packing usually stresses me out. Another tip I’ve recently learned is to try on outfits while packing, so you have some ideas of what you can actually wear when you arrive. Cover ups, suits, hats, tops, jeans, dresses, shoes. Put some looks together and you won’t feel overwhelmed trying to put outfits together on your vaca.

What’s your favorite packing tip? Comment below!

Blessings to you and safe travels!


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