Morning to Night

Imagine that your work pants kept their shape ALL day long. How many times have you had to bring a pair of cute pants to wear to happy hour, or your after work errands, or a rehearsal?

I have tried every pair of dress pants out there. I mean every. pair. 😂 Trying on, sometimes I want to go up a size for comfort. Then the salesman tells me to stay TTS or size down because they might stretch out. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t and you end up with a full day of wishing you were in your favorite joggers!

I think I finally found THE dress pants. The wear-all-day-no-saggy-bum beautiful, stylish, affordable dress pants! Image

My local Express is carrying these on a trial basis, but I did see them online. It looks like there are a few sizes left, but I bet they’ll be restocked. These are a hit!

What makes them different than the other Express dress pants, or any other brand? The fit, and the hold. I bought these excited to try them out, hopeful they’d keep their shape all day, but expecting they wouldn’t. THEY DID! I’m still so excited about it. I need to go buy all of the colors.

The pants: Express Mid-Rise Skinny Pant Image

Made with “extreme stretch”, or Stretch + as noted in the tag in bold red. I think this is the difference maker! And to be honest, they weren’t too stretchy – they were all around a great fit. I’m all about mid-rise, especially for work. My 5’8″ self might like the Longs in these pants even better, but the Regular length makes it even easier to style cute booties!

What are your favorite dress pants? Let me know in the comments!


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